Best Baby Monitor & Nanny Cam Examine App

Does not work on iPhone X

Please update!! When trying to monitor the screen is just stars with no controls at all.

Won’t show video on phone

I can’t get the video to display on my phone (parent unit) only sound, it also keeps disconnecting. Waste of money

Works well at home

Works well at home. Tried a subscription to the cloud server while staying in hotels and the connection was a bit slow and buggy. Don’t forget to unsubscribe! The $.99/week plan auto-renews every week until cancelled.


I was so excited for this app, but the bugs make it unusable. The app alerts me that the baby is awake, when there is no detectable noise coming from the room. There is no option of turning off the alert. Additionally, there is no way to exit the monitoring mode without force quitting the app. There are also no options presented when in monitoring mode—it’s very frustrating!! Please fix!!

Doesn’t work with iPhone X

Yeah I paid for a worthless app.

Buyer Beware

We purchased a one week subscription for this app, and when we tried to unsubscribe (this app does not work under certain wifi conditions), found that there was no way to unsubscribe. The company has been charging us weekly ever since. Ripoff!

Best Baby Mobitor App

I live in Shreveport LA and my daughter lives in Dallas. I am keeping my one year old granddaughter for one week. My daughter doesn't worry about her bur this app allows her to see her daughter in Shreveport while in Dallas. And to think it only cost a couple of dollars. This is the greatest app ever. Renee W.

Exactly what I needed!

Everyone I know, including all the people in my family, have some kind of spare phone. So when we found a baby monitor here that can utilize these old devices, we were ecstatic. I use an old iPhone 5C and my wife her old S4 and we leave our iPad with our twins. And it’s just awesome. The video quality is good and the audio is excellent. We know of their every little move and we love watching them interact with each other before they fall asleep. Love the app so much.

Really the best baby monitor

This baby monitor is truly the best help when it comes to babysitting children. I can run out to the store without any problems and I know my children are in great hands. Love it!

Simply the best monitor

Best Baby Monitor seems like a great app so far. I like that anyone from my family can log in into one account and watch our little baby at the same time from different devices and places, it seems really awesome to me.

Easy to use

Used social network login and added my devices like a piece of cake. Tried some other baby monitors but this one suits us best. Lot of functions and settings. Great helper. Love it !

Loving the app!!!

I love the concept that all you need are two phones and you’ve got a baby monitor. We leave our daughter with our old iPhone and then use our own phones to monitor her, and it’s amazing! We love to watch her sleep peacefully and talk to her remotely when she’s waking up so she knows we’re there for her. Loving the app so far :)

Apple Watch!!

I use this with my old iphone S4, as well as my normal iPhone and Apple Watch. It’s just so easy, I always have the watch on and always know what’s going on and when the kids wake up.

Satisfied parent

Great baby monitoring app. I appreciate the connection through cloud feature, I’ve found that other apps are a bit laggy when it comes to connecting but this one seems to have no problems in that area.

Connects across platforms!!!

This Baby Monitor is probably the only app for baby monitoring that lets me connect my iPhone to a Windows laptop. I love that I can use all my devices across all platforms and don’t have to buy another iPhone to use it.

Simple and convenient

I’m loving the app so far, it has helped me tremendously in my everyday life.

Does not work and I need my money back

Very disappointed, paid in full for app and cloud version. Does not work, emailed support and they did not return any response. Do not download. 0 stars

Waste of money

Never worked

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